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Changing Roles: the CIO as Transformer

IT is the Mover and Shaker

IT has become the most prevalent and fundamental enabler to business success, and this helps explain why the CIO (and IT) now finds itself much more engaged in strategic planning and high level discussions on the direction of the company. In this article by Ben Rossi, it’s called nothing less than a renaissance, and for good reason. IT finds itself more important that perhaps ever before, and that importance gives the whole department an immense amount of responsibility—but not without risks.

With the increase in technology, there are more and more lines of business who “make their own decisions in many cases” when it comes to technology. This is great, as it assures that the IT department will always have something to do—but it’s a risk for the company as a whole.

CIOs Need to Influence, not Control

CIOs in the past acted as gatekeepers to new tech entering a company, making sure that everything was vetted and didn’t end up in too much overhead cost or risk. With the expansion of technology, the CIO might not be able to assure this sort of gatekeeping takes place. CIOs also, generally speaking, can see through the hype that vendors often employ on unsuspecting customers: 

Expectations surrounding what can be achieved through transformational IT projects – such as cloud, mobility, social, and data implementations – are high. And the vendor community is by no means innocent when it comes to fanning the flames of hype and over-promise.

That’s not to say that these macro technologies can’t deliver the huge savings and efficiencies advertised on the box, but the promise of improved business performance, and other such benefits are being undermined by infrastructures unable to support leading-edge technology.

The key now is a mix of innovation and consistency. Innovation for the business and for the good of the CIO’s role in the company, and consistency in how technology is chosen and rolled out to the business. Read the full article here to learn more about the CIO as a transformer:

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