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You’ve Got More Capacity Than You Think


Do More With Less?


While we’re currently on a trend of recovery here in the United States, much of the world (and still pockets of the U.S.) are continuing to struggle. Employees and managers are asked to do more with less, and the strain of doing such a thing is wearing almost everyone thin. But as this post on explains, you probably have more capacity than what you think.



Managing means leveraging what you have already to maximize throughput. No longer can project managers or CIOs depend on getting more resources to deal with slow progress (if they ever really could, of course). CIOs might have lots of work coming into their organization, but if they aren’t getting work out of the door, they aren’t going to look like they’re doing much for the company they support. Likewise, if the CIO is getting every project out quickly but doesn’t have very many coming in, it might be hard for them to prove they are utilizing their organization effectively (it might seem too big for the workload). The post explains this dichotomy this way:

The next time when you are driving down a highway (or any road for that matter), notice the impact of the traffic on your ability to drive the speed limit. You’ll find that greater the traffic, the slower you go and the longer you take to arrive at your destination. Reduce the traffic on the road and the faster you can go. This same principles applies to your work too. To reiterate, a high volume of traffic, while ensuring a high road utilization, will slow you down. Conversely, a low volume of traffic will speed you up. But your utilization drops in this case. You need to make up your mind as to what is important to you – utilization and all its unintended consequences or throughput.


You Might Not Need More People


The idea is this: it might not be that you need more people. It might instead be that you need to look at work queues and flow, and how to improve the flow of work to increase the capacity of your teams. Read the full post here:

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