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Why CMOs and CIOs Must Align in Today’s Data-Driven Age

Data Is The Driving Force

Digital technology has enabled data to become the driving force behind today’s world. The constant attachment of customers to social media and digital platforms means huge amounts of data being created—and businesses left to figure out ways to harness its power. Companies still have some say over how they present themselves in the traditional sense of advertising and brand reputation, but more and more customers are making judgments on companies based off of what they see on twitter or Facebook.

This blog post by Darryl McDonald explains how companies are beginning to respond:

While this customer empowerment may be a terrifying thought to some companies, the shift actually creates new profit opportunities for organizations that can use it to their advantage. Because even though customers are demanding more, they are also willing to pay more for better products and services. The trick is evolving from traditional marketing military language like “targeting” customers and “launching” campaigns into efforts that “delight” and “engage” customers, using conversations to solicit and listen to feedback, build relationships, and willingly hand over control of the steering wheel. Data lets you understand what your customers are really asking for so that you can deliver the best experience possible to them.

Marketing And IT Must Be Allies

McDonald then goes on to explain how marketing and IT must now work closer than ever to manage this data-driven marketing. The time is right for IT to take the front seat in leading business towards understanding and harnessing the data created by customers and potential customers. It’s in this that IT will make itself a strategic asset and secure enormous benefits for the business.

Read the full post here:

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