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7 Reasons Working Too Much is Bad for Your Health

Amanda L. Chan, Sarah Klein, and Laura Schocker compile a list of ways that too much work can be a leech on your good health.

Overworked, Under-Energized

To start, working 11-hour days makes you more susceptible to depression than 8-hour days. Too much sitting has been linked to obesity, diabetes, and even cancer. Working too much and sleeping less than seven hours has been tied to cardiovascular problems, decreased memory, and mood problems. Speaking of the heart, there is a 60 percent jump in cardiovascular risks when you work regular 10-hour days. Pent up stress can lead to high blood pressure and mental health problems as well. Too much time with a monitor can bring eye strain and headaches. Pushing your brain too often just might even be a cause of dementia. The takeaway here is that you need to pay attention to your body, because you only get one. Read the full details here:

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