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3 Bad Habits to Break (In Project Management)

Bad Habits Are Worse In Project Management

Bad habits are more than just a frustration. In the world of project management, they can be downright disastrous. In this blog post from PMI, three of the worst habits are brought up, discussed, and tips are provided to avoid them in the future. Whether you have these bad habits yourself or happen to know another project manager who does, this blog post is sure to shine some light on how to break those horrible habits.

Over Promise, Under Deliver

The first habit discussed is that of over-promising. You’ve seen it before: in a meeting with a stakeholder, a project manager says “yes” to everything, no matter how much it doesn’t make sense to do so. The end result is an overworked team that can’t balance the amount of work they have, disappointed and confused stakeholders, and more than likely an impact to revenue.

You can avoid this habit, according to the blog, by quelling the urge to agree instantly to every request. Give yourself time to process what is being asked or even work on saying no first.

Talking The Ear Off

Another bad habit (which is often not considered) is over-communicating:

Communication can enable good project management, but more isn’t necessarily better, says Christian Bisson, PMP, project manager at Twist Image, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. A deluge of unnecessary emails, memos and meetings can dominate team members’ time and result in late or sloppy work — and this, in turn, reflects poorly on the project manager.

Your team’s time is important, as they are the folks who actually get the work done. Distracting them with unimportant emails or inviting everyone to a meeting when only a few key folks are needed is a good way to slow work to a crawl. Don’t get people involved who don’t absolutely need to be involved, and you’ll see a dramatic increase in the amount of work people are able to get done each day.

Playing Favorites

The final bad habit discussed, and likely the most prevalent, is playing favorites. It’s a natural human trait to like certain people over others, but you can’t let that dictate how you treat people in your team. Whether a superstar or a brand new team member, you need to treat your team like they are all equal (which, of course, they are).

Read the full blog post here:

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