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Go Down with the Ship?

Going Down with the Ship: Not a PM Requirement

So your ship has hit the iceberg, and all of a sudden the lower deck has become the world’s biggest swimming pool. Is it really your responsibility as captain to go down with the ship? A post at PM Student answers with a negative. Whether at sea or at a cozy desk, “going down with the ship” is really just a way of saying that the manager holds final responsibility for a project and the people involved in that project. And a big part of management is knowing the difference between a challenging project and an impossible project. Do not waste company money and resources on a project you are certain cannot be completed, especially when the resources could be better used on projects that will not spring a leak.

Move to Another Ship Instead

PM Student says that rather than go down with the ship, you should do your best to just move yourself and your team to another ship. Spell out to stakeholders why the last project was not working and help them to scope out a project that can further organizational objectives in a doable way. The business will find that you are a much more effective leader alive than when you are at the bottom of the sea. Read the original blog post here:

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