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6 Ideas to Promote Workplace Innovation

An article at Forbes aims to help you build a positive company culture that keeps you one step ahead of the competition.

Stop and Go

Begin by being easygoing, letting go of the rigid 9-5 structure and letting people come into work whenever they are fully rested and ready to work. On that same token, emphasize the value of vacations and time off as a means of recharging your faithful workers’ drained batteries. But on the flip side, encourage “sprints” too where distractions are avoided and all energy is dedicated to finishing projects.

Who to Hire and Why

Hire people who you feel will contribute to the company culture without being “yes men.” You want to work with people who love their jobs, because they will be that much more excited to generate new ideas. Hiring people from diverse backgrounds will ensure a fuller spectrum of viewpoints as well. You can read the original article here:

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