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10 Quick Sanitary Tips for a Germ-Free Workspace

If you have to spend forty hours of your week in one spot, you might as well try to make it a clean spot. Greg Voakes has ten very useful and enlightening tips for keeping your health at work.

Make Your Office a Safe House

<p>Hand-sanitizing wipes are more effective than gels, so use the kind with at least 60 percent alcohol content. Wipe down your surfaces too. But do use gels when away from the desk and rub for 30 seconds. Buy sprays that will not ruin the type of desk you use. Use cotton swabs, cleaning solution, a lint-free cloth, and a can of compressed air to clean keyboards. Use stainless steel or glass bottles for drinking water. Compartmentalize food and papers both. Do not touch your face—ever. Wash your hands whenever practical. And lastly, keep up your vitamin intake. For more details, such as how specifically to clean your keyboard, consult the original slideshow:

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