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What’s the Most Challenging Aspect of Adopting ITIL Best Practices?

The Challenge

Everyone wants to know what the hardest part of adopting ITIL is and how they get can through it. The problem is there isn’t an answer, not a direct one anyway. As Michael Scarborough points out, ten different ITIL experts will give you ten different answers to your question. That said, Scarborough believes most problems with ITIL fall under the category of governance.

Do You Accept?

The problem isn’t usually with ITIL, but with defining the vision and communicating the vision. Organizations that have trouble communicating the vision will also have trouble reinforcing it, which leads to a fragmented team. As Scarborough points out, setting up a policy is one thing, but actually reinforcing it is another. If there is no governance, no reinforcement of the vision, your challenges will be many, and that’s not necessarily a problem with ITIL. Read the full article at

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