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Transform and Simplify with the Cloud

Transform the business by simplifying IT. Sounds like a pretty good idea, right? According to Paul Strong, that’s exactly where the trends are headed in 2014. Here are some of the ways it’s going to take place:

  • Network virtualization
  • Storage virtualization
  • Automatically managing the SDDC
  • Cloud computing
  • End user computing   


If there is one stand-out trend in the coming year, Strong believes it will be the cloud, which will revolutionize the future of the business model. Technology like the cloud might seem to be setting everything we know about IT upside down, but it’s also streamlining IT processes for more collaboration with the business. Don’t adopt trends like network virtualization or cloud computing because everyone else is. Genuinely examine what they can do for your organization, and celebrate all that 2014 will bring.

About Rachel Ginder

Rachel Ginder was a staff writer for CAI's Accelerating IT Success and joined the team in 2013. She also helped with social media and research.

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