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Top 10 ITIL Implementation Mistakes

The ITIL Assumption

Switching your company to ITIL doesn’t come easy. Many expect it to, but the problem is often organization. Karen Guglielmo gives us ten reasons why ITIL sometimes doesn’t work out. Many companies rush into the process expecting it to be disorganized. Perfection shouldn’t be expected as change takes time, but the disorganization is unnecessary. </p>

Problems and Solutions

1.       There is no vision: You need to have a plan and a focus, otherwise you will never get buy-in or support.

2.       Top-down commitment isn’t necessary: You need an executive sponsor who can sell ITIL to an executive board and get you more time, money, and resources.

3.       We don’t need a business case: Your stakeholders need to know the business benefits, including cost and a confirmation of the scope.

4.       We don’t need an initial baseline: At least look at examples of usable baseline methods and identify specific targets.

5.       ITIL is not a strategic project, so we can use existing resources: Not true. You want a “dream team,” not just a group of people who happen to have some free time. Create a plan and identify your formal resources.

For the other five problems and solutions, see the original article at

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