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The Founder of 21st Century Management: Peter Drucker

A Little Advice

“A success that has outlived its usefulness may in the end be more damaging than failure.”

Those are the wise words of Peter Drucker, and while they could be applicable to almost any area of business, they are particularly relevant when it comes to project management. Who better to give management advice then the man who practically invented it? Steve Denning of Forbes reviews the life of Peter Drucker: author, teacher, and adviser to private and public business leaders all over the world. Forbes calls Drucker “the founder of 21st century management.”

Management is About the People

Besides his views on success versus failure, Forbes also includes Drucker’s advice on the purpose of an organization, which he believes is to create a customer, but never just to make money. Drucker’s kind of management was very centered on people and also on change. He didn’t want to hear how productive the end of the week meeting was, but how it was going to shape work in the following week. His management style wasn’t just about planning, but about doing.

For more Drucker quotes on change, people, and management, read the full article here:

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