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Skip the Disasters but Keep the Change Management

Ok, so you started using basic ITIL. Now what? That’s the question that many ask as they make the transition between the basic ITIL and full-blown change management. Greg Sanker offers an answer.

While basic ITIL is great, it’s pretty much just a temporary patch on a worn out system. It won’t last long, and it won’t get you ahead in the race. As a result, last-minute changes often take places to avoid big disasters, and these hurried decisions come with their own prices. Take the time to review the proposed course of action before work begins. Yes, it’s just that simple, but it’s a step that many skip.

Think through potential disasters and have your backup plans ready. Start with some of these questions.

  • Are the desired business outcomes well understood and documented?
  • Will the infrastructure support the change?
  • Does it add unnecessary complexity?

Sometimes known issues are skipped right over because there’s a crunch for time or too much work has gone into the change to stop now. Take the time to sort out potential problems before you even begin. It may not bring that change you need super quickly, but it will bring it accurately and without disaster. It’s a step in change management you can’t afford to skip.

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