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How to Overcome a Work Slump

Work through the roots of your work slump with Whitson Gordon at Lifehacker. He has three simple tips to help you weed out the problems.

Find Out What’s Causing the Slump

Take a look at your diet, your exercise regimen, and your personal life, and see what effects they might be having on your productivity. Anything you think might affect your mood is worth analyzing. You might be able to nip your slump in the bud right away.

Try Working on Something New

Sometimes simple boredom can drag you down. Ask your boss for a different type of project or alternatively ask for a new responsibility in addition to your current ones. If your boredom proves lethal, ask for an entire change of department.

Get a Work Buddy (and Start Taking Notes)

If you are still stumped, ask work friends to tell you where you are doing well and where you could stand to improve. As long as you stay honest with yourself, you will be able to kick the slump eventually. Read the original article here:

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