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How to Eat Healthy Lunches at the Office

Following just a few sensible strategies about eating lunch at the office can save you a lot of grief in the long run. Lindsay Boyers makes it simple. It begins with planning, and if you have the ability to pack your own lunches the night before, you should do it. Beyond that, you should nibble on snacks throughout the day to curb any desire to suddenly have a pizza party-for-one.

But McDonald’s Will Not Be Denied

Inevitably, you are going to get takeout now and then anyway. Be choosy and try to find the places with vegetables and whole grains; if you are really gutsy, ask them to skip the cheese and mayo on your sandwich. Finally, find a buddy with whom to eat healthy regularly, because you are both less likely to stray when you are counting on each other to stick with the plan. Read more of Boyers’ ideas here:

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