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Five Signs that Your Mentor is Giving You Bad Advice

Beware, for not every piece of advice your mentor spouts is guaranteed to help your career. Robert I. Sutton writes for the Harvard Business Review on five signs that maybe you need to cast a more critical eye on your mentor.

5 Insidious Signs

  1. Are you straying from the path that your mentor has taken?
  2. What is in it for them?
  3. Is your appetite for risk drastically different from your mentor’s?
  4. Do you know more than they do about a particular decision?
  5. Do you know your mentor better than your mentor knows you?

What these signs really boil down to is that mentors are older, more experienced, and set in their ways, and that can work against you when they think their tried-and-true methods are the only way to get ahead. Explore the full article at HBR to get the whole picture:

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