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5 Ways to Break Your Work Slump

Ed Tseng writes an article for Forbes about how your slump at work is probably all in your head. This is a good thing, because it is a lot easier to solve imaginary problems than real ones.

All in Your Head

The first thing to do is realize that your current mood will paint how you feel about other things that happen later. In other words, somebody accidentally eating your yogurt will frustrate you much less when you are in an excellent mood versus when you are already miserable. Next, remember not to overthink things. Sweat the little details too much and the big picture will never come into focus. Similarly, do not dwell on past failures.

Positive and Negative

Winning is great, but does it matter if you win every time? Nope, so take winning and losing both in stride. Keep in mind that negative thoughts are not bad; they are inevitable. But they are also often trivial and fleeting. Keep your eye on the prize and everything will be alright. Read the original article here:

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