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3 Disruptions that Demand the CIO’s Attention

If you are a CIO who wants to use innovative technology in the next year, Michael Krigsman suggests you watch out for three trends: hierarchies vs. networks, unbundling, and mobile. 

Organizations were previously run by bureaucratic pyramids, a style that builds up a narrow channel of power. However, with technology, the power is more collaborative. The flow of information can be more direct, and without having to make stops on its way up the pyramid, the information is now more peer-controlled.

Unbundling means that technology now offers the services you want in a more unique, niche way. Packaging and delivering is much different than it used to be. No longer will a customer have to pay a high price for a bundle of multiple products when they only need one.

Finally, it’s time to acknowledge that the way society consumes technology is changing. Nowhere is this more apparent than in mobile applications. The new business models that mobile is creating will disrupt even the most stable industries. However, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. With these disruptions come new opportunities to grow and improve. Disruptions demand innovation. The question will only be if you are ready or not.

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