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Why Engagement is Not an End Goal

It seems we’ve forgotten that engagement is not an end goal. It’s a process with a purpose. Dominic Irvine explains. If you want to use engagement properly, you must first recognize that it is a process used to harness the goodwill of individuals and achieve the goals of the organizations.

Cut the Fat, Butter Up the Help

Sometimes, to accomplish engagement you have to stop getting in your own way. Get rid of the processes and procedures that keep people from getting directly involved in the organization’s work. Also, take the time to examine work on an individual level. Often, lower level employees don’t know why they are doing what they do and how it benefits the company. Explain each person’s role and also how that person can benefit. Everyone needs a sense of satisfaction, whether it comes through developing personal skills or solving a department-wide issue.

Finally, communication is critical. Do it directly whenever possible. Clue people in to the purpose, the progress, and the overall performance of the project. A survey to assess who well people are engaged probably means well, but it is virtually useless unless followed up by genuine human interaction. Visit employees and communicate with them personally. You will be surprised at the results it yields.

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