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The Top Questions on Every CIO’s Mind

What are the keys traits of a world-class CIO? CIO Magazine gets thousands of questions every year, but editor Maryfran Johnson says that one is at the top. Vala Afshar answers this and other top questions in his interview with Johnson about the role of CIOs today.

Focus on the organization. That’s Johnson’s advice if you want to become a world-class CIO. Always be external, and think of the customer first. Remember it’s the customers that drive IT success. Another big question is how to find the optimum relationship between IT and the business. If you’re at a meeting and you can’t tell the business people from the IT people, that’s when you know you’ve achieved that relationship. The two should be able to consult each other at all times, because there should be nothing distinguishing business projects from IT projects.

The Big Question

Will today’s technology trends marginalize IT? No, Johnson doesn’t think so, not as long as IT can manage to keep up with the trends and use them to their full advantage. New technology like the cloud doesn’t have to mean banishment of the CIO, but an opportunity to add more skills to the resume. Times are changing fast, but the CIO won’t be left behind as long as she embraces the changes in her role within the organization.

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