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The Guidelines for Project Management Coaching

Project Management Coaches

Coaching is no longer just for athletes. Project managers need coaches too. Whether you’re running the gauntlet at your current job or need some help vaulting into a new organization, a coach can give you the advice you need to reach your goals. Russell Whitworth lists the reasons for project management coaching as follows:

  1. Helping a project manager get to the next level of performance
  2. Supporting a career transition
  3. Overcoming a specific weakness
  4. Giving an extra level of support to a particularly critical project

Be The Best Coach For Your Team

If you are the coach in this situation there are a few things to keep in mind. First, find out which of these goals the project manager is trying to achieve. Then, design the parameters of your coaching scheme around that goal. And if you are the person organizing a department of project managers, you need to establish guidelines for the coaches, including a coaching contract and points of confidentiality. Obviously, there are several different levels of relationship that need to be figured out before hiring a project management coach. However, if done correctly, it can be a highly rewarding experience.

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