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The Future of Enterprise Development

Warp Speed

Run, don’t walk. That’s the message that businesses are sending to their IT counterparts, and if IT can’t keep up with the company’s fast paced developments, they might find themselves left behind. Patrick Gray weighs in on the future of enterprise development.

Traditionally, IT drove technology change, dragging begrudging business counterparts along as the CIO built the case for new technologies, development environments, or methodologies. Increasingly, business units are demanding faster responses and more rapid adoption of new technologies.”

It's Only Logical

How will IT keep up? Gray suggests a rapid, results-oriented style of development rather than planning each move to perfection. This way you learn more as you take a hands-on approach early in the development process. Also, IT services will have to be multi-faceted. Providing data is no longer enough. Multi-client, multi-channel applications will need to provide services and business logic to everyone from ERP clients to Google Glass.

If all the necessary changes seem stressful right away, let the business know you are in the process of adapting to the changing expectations. With a little quick thinking and a lot of hard work, IT and the business can work as a team instead of competitors in the race to the end goal.    

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