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Seven Tips for Working in the Zone

What does “in the zone” look like for you? Does it mean a shut office door and complete quiet or headphones at full volume? Maybe it looks like your living room at 2 AM after everyone else has gone to bed. Whatever it is, it’s safe to say we all need some preparation to get “in the zone.” If you’re having trouble with finding that “zone” spot, John Dalziel has a few tips.

Run Silent, Operate at Peak Hours

First, shut down all communication. No phone, email, or social networking is allowed. Also, know the time that works best for you. Some people can get an extraordinary amount of work done before noon; others will accomplish more between midnight and 4 AM than they did the rest of the day.

Create Your Environment, Take Breaks, and Think

Don’t be afraid to wear headphones, they help eliminate outside distractions. However, be careful with your playlist. Vocals can be distracting, so try instrumentals or even white noise. Finally, take a break to think. If you’re sitting at your desk rubbing your temples, you’re not getting any work done anyway. Grab a cup of coffee while you ponder your problem. You can’t be in the zone all the time, so make those rare moments count with Dalziel’s tips.

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