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How to Combine ITIL Roles

If you have a small company, you may find it hard to implement ITIL simply because of the number of new jobs it creates. However, what many companies don’t realize is certain ITIL roles are a natural fit and can be combined for a more efficient company. Neven Zitek explains how.

For instance, there is the Business Relationship Manager and the Service Level Manager. Because the Business Relationship Manager is responsible for helping meet customer needs and service levels are all about maintaining a strong customer relationship, these two positions complement each other well. Also, take a look at the Risk Manager and Service Continuity Manager. Both are future oriented and deal with the outcome of undesired events.

However, not all roles should be combined. For instance, the Incident Manager and the Problem Manager might seem like they have similar jobs, but the Incident Managers is interested in quick fixes and the Problem Manager is interested finding the root of the cause. Still, if your company needs to cut back, take a look at the roles in the Service Lifestyle. You might be surprised at some of the ways the roles can be combined.

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