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Benefits and Pitfalls of Socializing with Coworkers

You have to be smart if you want to get the most out of your coworker relationships, and Beth Braccio Hering writes about how to navigate them in an article for CNN Living. Some of the best reasons to socialize at work include expanding your network, gaining insights into personalities, building likeability, fostering camaraderie, better understanding company strategy, and forming real friendships. One common pitfall to avoid is to let a couple off-the-clock drinks with a coworker turn into fifteen drinks and a rant about why you are positive no one will attend your boss’s funeral. The flipside of that is dangerous too, in that getting too buddy-buddy with your boss might make it hard to look each other in the eye if something extremely embarrassing happens at the bar. Carpooling and taking breaks and lunches together are ultimately the best ways to build healthy, work-appropriate relationships on the clock.

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