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Are CIOs an Endangered Species?

Is the CIO about to be demoted or promoted? IT is more important to the business than ever before, yet as IT moves to the cloud and other executives take on increasingly CIO-like roles, the debate of the CIO’s relevance is a hot topic. Here to route for our underdog is Doug Cantor, who answers some of our tough questions about today’s top IT positions.

Why have CIOs gotten a bad rap in recent years? The answer lies in the original nature of the position, which was to work behind the scenes, and do very little customer-facing work. Because the CIO is not in the spotlight, it might be hard to see all the work that’s done. There’s a tendency to only call the CIO when there’s trouble, as if he were only a repairman. However, the CIO is much more than that. He’s a mediator between IT and the business. The CIO has much potential in the company’s future, but now is the time to show that potential, not just to the CEO, but to the company overall.

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