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95% of Executives Believe They Aren’t Aligned

Are you aligned? A KPMG survey suggests that only 5% of executives believe their IT-business strategy is completely aligned. Even more shocking, 25% of executives don’t have any idea what their current degree of alignment is, which means they don’t know where to begin on improvements. If you are one of these organizations, CXOtoday News Desk has a few ideas about where to start with your alignment.

Go Mobile and Bring Your Own

Analytics are also a rising area. As the volume of data increases, so does the need to make it readily available. With analytics, companies can see both how the company is doing now and anticipate the future.

Innovation Is Still King

Finally, don’t forget innovation. The latest technologies like cloud, mobile, and data analytics are not just there for the IT department, they help further the future of the business as well. In the end, that’s the most important part of alignment. Both IT and the business must work together to reach their goals in the future.

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