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7 Ways to Make Your Presentation Message Stick

Be, Unique, Be Compelling, Be Funny

Be different, tell a story, and use humor. These are just three of seven ways to make your presentation stick, according to Eric Fitzpatrick. If you want to stand out from the other speakers, Fitzpatrick suggests you try an attempt like Steve Jobs. Stand out from behind the lectern. If you can, attempt to use few notes and keep power point slides interesting with lots of images. If you’re not quite the speaker that Jobs was, find your own way to be different.

Be Clear in Message and Point

Make sure you are only giving one message. Figure out what you’re trying to say and condense it into one point. Use concrete images like similes or metaphors to convey abstract ideas. Above all, connect emotionally and really focus on your audience. Your presentation is for the benefit of the audience, not just a sales pitch on the features of your product.

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