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Stop to Share the Sprint Reviews

In the race to the finish line, don’t forget the sprint reviews. They can be tempting to pass over, but Ian Mitchell believes they are an essential part of the Agile process. This is your chance to show the product owner that value is being produced, so take a time out and plan the review carefully.

A big mistake during reviews is confusing them with retrospectives. A review is a look at what has been accomplished so far and what still needs to be done, but a retrospective explains how the work is done. Don’t let the two overlap, because each is worth a separate look. Other common mistakes include the product owner misreading the estimates as commitments or expecting work that wasn’t planned on.

If these misunderstandings happen (and they will), the review is the time to clear things up. Often sprint reviews are overlooked because the team is rushing to deliver the commitments, or they don’t want to expose what they haven’t yet accomplished. Don’t let these pitfalls happen to you. The Sprint review is a time to share accomplishments and inspire new passion in the product. You wouldn’t want to cross the finish line and find yourself without a trophy, so take the time to stop for sprint reviews along the way.

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