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Purpose: The Secret Behind All Business Success

Increasing profits, training employees, building better business models, these all sound like great things, but are they enough? Not unless you have a purpose, says Roberta Matuson of The bottom line is this: your company’s goal cannot be making money. You need to have a purpose behind that money or the company will end up struggling.

So what’s a good purpose? Matuson explains it’s not a gimmick, but the cornerstone of your organization. It should be the reason behind every business decision, and it should be as simple as possible. What are you trying to accomplish? Don’t think, don’t hesitate, just answer. Whether it’s delivering dependable cell phone service or providing nutritious on-the-go breakfast sandwiches (or something in between), identify your goal. Know your customers and what makes them tick. Know your employees and what skills they offer. Take only those steps that further your purpose as a company, and communicate that purpose as often as possible. Knowing what your good at is half the battle. Only then can you find a way to reach that purpose.

About Rachel Ginder

Rachel Ginder was a staff writer for CAI's Accelerating IT Success and joined the team in 2013. She also helped with social media and research.

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