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How to Break into the Supply Chain of Larger Companies

For small social enterprises, entering the big leagues of supply chain generally means having to find a way to latch onto a bigger company and never let go. However, factors such as investor politics and quarterly profit reports often keep these large companies risk averse and unwilling to take on new partners. An article at The Guardian reminds us though that even these large corporations are ultimately just made up of people who have values similar to yours. Building a strong working relationship with just one person who shares your mindset can be a gateway to any number of lucrative deals. The article has a focus on consumable goods though, and it notes when dealing with consumables that merely getting on the supplier’s list is not the end of the story, because then there is a war for shelf space. Advertising within in-store magazines and arranging store tastings are a good way to stand your ground. But ultimately, when it comes to getting picked up by larger supply chains, there is still no replacement for competitive pricing and products.

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