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Why You Should Make Deliberate Mistakes

Random errors are not the mistakes you learn from. That’s why the ITIL Zealot makes the case for working deliberately, even when making mistakes. Often times, there’s a thin line between failing and obtaining the reward. It’s all about taking the risk that will bring you closest to your goal without ruining the whole project.

However, the worth behind each risk is subjective. This is where ITIL comes in. A lot of organizations focus on best-effort instead of best-practice. There’s nothing wrong with best-effort. It means each individual is doing their best, but it also means each person is going to deal with an issue in their own way and the results will be inconsistent. Inconsistent does not mean good results for the customer.

ITIL ensures that everyone is working together using the best practice for the given situation. It helps you define and measure so your results are consistent, a phrase customers like much better. Yet, ITIL is also flexible. It’s not a hard and fast rule book that means sticking to the plan no matter what. It also leaves some room for you to take risks, and even make mistakes. It’s when you learn from these deliberate mistakes that you find yourself growing together as an organization.   

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