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Supply Chain Pressure Points

The bones of supply chain may need to start taking some supplements. According to Alexa Guidone, a Chief Supply Chain Officer Report released by SCM World shows that executives are feeling less assured with their role within their companies compared to a year ago. This could be due to the added pressures placed on supply chains to innovate, assist in market expansion, and decrease production costs all at the same time. Guidone gets into a few of the specific pressure points facing supply chains. For one, SKUs currently supported has increased in 55 percent of organizations surveyed, indicating more complex selling channels are having to be managed. Another point is that procurement departments must stress sustainability while delivering value and maintaining compliance. Furthermore, it seems procurement needs to mitigate product quality risks, as 41 percent of respondents stated that potential risk visibility into their supply chain was limited to their direct suppliers. Take a glance at the full article to find more places where supply chains could stand to have some fortification.

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