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Is the Mainframe dead? Survey Says No

A lot of people might think of mainframe as an outdated term. The word conjures up images of hulking devices, which took up as much as 2,000 to 10,000 square feet. Archana Venkatraman of is here to update us on the use of mainframes in modern IT. Yes, they still exist. In fact, in a worldwide survey of mainframe users conducted by BMC Software, 93% reported mainframe as an important part of not just their current methods, but their long-term strategy as well.

What is it about these devices that has withstood the test of the ever-changing IT world? Superior availability, security and performance capabilities have been cited as some of the key reasons. In fact, mainframes are considered to be so reliable that two-thirds of those surveyed say they have plans to incorporate mainframes into their big data or cloud strategies. The only drawback seems to lie with the people instead of the technology. Fewer in the IT workforce have the skills to work in a mainframe environment, causing many organizations to either outsource or choose from selected experienced workers. If you’re unaware of how mainframes are being used in your company, now may be the time to find out. Not only are the mainframes still needed, but the skills to operate them are as well.      

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