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How to Reach Your Goal with Closed Loop Control Systems

Can we make decisions without feedback? Glen B. Alleman says no. But how to ensure feedback is another question entirely. His answer is a closed loop control system. Imagine trying to complete a project without knowing what done really looks like. You don’t know if you have enough resources to meet the required goal, and you have no idea what obstacles might come to stand in your way. According to Alleman, that’s what an open loop control system looks like.

In order to avoid disorganization, make sure to first estimate how much time and money you will need. The value of the project doesn’t just lie in completing the project, but in the total work put into it, the money spent, and the time used to develop it. The only way to meet the customer’s expectations is to know your desired goal, and build your values around that.

There’s a time and place for open loop projects. In fact, Alleman even says he enjoys them, because they are a discovery process to find out what you don’t know. New discoveries are exciting and useful in their own way, but not when the customer’s desired outcome is something else entirely.

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