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The Fight for First Contact Resolutions: Why It’s a Losing Battle

fightWhat do IT professionals have in common with the patriots of America’s War for Independence? They both have the potential to be scoundrels. Dan Kane of backs up his opinion with a quote from Samuel Jackson: “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.”

Patriotism could be used to sway public opinion. When it’s insincere, it becomes nothing more than a means to an end.  First contact resolutions can be the same way. They’re not a bad thing when they have good intentions, but they actually make a poor indicator of service quality when assessed on their own. Just because a good FCR is established, doesn’t mean the problem is really being solved. What might actually be happening is a temporary fix that masks a much bigger problem. In this case, FCR is actually a very poor indication of how well IT is doing.

Kane suggests that you always look at the ROI, as it is a much better indicator of whether you are working with quick fixes or long-term solutions. There’s nothing wrong with being patriotic; in fact, it can be a very noble and heartfelt emotion. There’s nothing wrong with using ITSM metrics either. But the motive can be useless without a proper ROI.

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