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The Evolution of the CIO

Where did the CIO come from? Jeffrey Hurley believes that the position has been around since the beginning of time; or, at least, as far back as Charles Babbage, Ada Lovelace, and the first computers. Of course, the IT world has changed dramatically since then. Ada Lovelace wasn’t really a CIO, but it could be argued that she had a hand in creating the position.

As computers changed, people began to get fed up with dealing with data processing departments. They saw them as the bullies of the IT world, and the average user needed a go-between. Here is when the CIO really came into existence, along with the personal computer. As the internet emerged, CIOs became even more important. They were seen as a way to align the world of business and IT. Today, CIOs are more than just communicators or go-betweens. They are business experts who report to the CEO, but they are also tech-savvy individuals who need to strategize the future of the organization’s IT. We might be able to look back and see where the CIO came from, but what the CIO does in the future is up to the drive of your organization. 

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