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Leadership Qualities of Football Greats

Teamwork is a practice as useful off the field as on. Perhaps that’s why it’s so easy to look to football to find metaphors for the business world. Or, perhaps, it’s because so many famous athletes have gone on to become successful businessmen. Either way, everyone wants to be a winner, and Dennis McCafferty gives us some famous examples of athletes with characteristics that the business world can learn from.

For instance, there’s Tom Brady with his intense work ethic. Only a sixth-round draft pick in 2000, he’s now one of the most successful players in the game. Also, Peyton Manning shows a gift for agility, with his ability to shift plays once he sees that the competition is gaining on his team. And don’t forget Bill Walsh, who shows a passion for innovation with his dedication to football strategy.

Whoever your favorite player is, there’s sure to be something you can learn from the world of football. With just a little luck and a lot of strategy, your business will be the one everybody is routing for.    

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