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Top 10 Best Project Management Books to Keep Within Reach

10Looking to keep yourself in practice and ahead of the curve in project management? If so, you need to know who to listen to, what best practices are truly the best, and how you can make your good practice even better. In this blog post, Jose Maria Delos Santos shares 10 of the best project management books available today.

The list includes Project Management Lite, The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management, Strategic Project Management Made Simple, and Project Management JumpStart among others. The books represent the very best books to not only shore up the experienced project manager’s knowledge, but a great starting point for the new project manager, too. But it isn’t simply a list to take whole-heartedly: the list allows, according to the blog post author, for project managers to pick and choose books based off of what style of guides and practices they wish to learn from.  


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