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The 5 Steps of Proper Project Planning

Hooray!  You’ve finished one project and now you’re on to the next!  But have you ever felt so overwhelmed with the start of a new project that you couldn’t celebrate finishing the previous task?  Don’t let this happen again.  Brad Egeland tells us that every project, no matter how large, can be broken down into 5 steps. 

  1. Define the necessary project tasks.

  2. Identify task relationships.

  3. Estimate the effort.

  4. Create the initial schedule.

  5. Assign and optimize the resources.

This isn’t a guarantee that the steps won’t have to be repeated several times over the course of the project.  However, molding the project around this outline will give you a starting point for the overwhelming task ahead of you.  Look at it as a constant management exercise.  Instead of juggling many different details all at once, use the 5 steps to put your details in order.  Once you have the 5 steps outlined, you have a much lower chance of dropping the ball.        



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