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CIOs: Embrace the Need for Speed!

Speed enhances the way IT affects your business. But speed is not something that is typically associated with IT. Most of the time, IT departments are viewed more as a tortoise than as a hare.  Speed is time travel, the faster you are at reaching milestones, the further you are ahead of your competitors.  

“Think of it as the business equivalent of breaking the space-time continuum,” writes Managing Editor Kim S. Nash … “Significantly increase your speed, and you can reach new, possibly more profitable realms ahead of competitors.”

“Speed is a game-changer,” agrees CIO Stuart Kippelman of Covanta Energy, the author of that opening quote. His award-winning project turned a painfully slow customer contracting process into a model of profitable, responsive service.

The discussion of speed has perplexed many CIOs and has been looked at through a cautious lens.  But the innovation that is brought about through speed has unveiled it as a beneficial tool.

About Ryan Malinoski

Ryan Malinoski was a staff writer and technical assistant for CAI's Accelerating IT Success. He joined the team in 2013.

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