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Build Stakeholder Relationships: You Need Trust!

trust and liesTrust and lasting relationships are two of the most important elements a project manager must create when handling the sometimes tricky business of interacting with stakeholders. As Susanne Madsen explains in this article, without trust, you’ll never become a great project manager. But take heart: she includes six principles to help you build these trusting, lasting relationships with your stakeholders.

The principles are:

·         Listen to others and seek first to understand before being understood

·         Have empathy and think in win/win solutions

·         Set a good example as a project manager

·         Be honest and open about project progress and have the courage to ask for help

·         Be proactive and take responsibility for your actions

·         Maintain a positive mental attitude and don’t be afraid to show your funny side

Madsen’s principles put an emphasis on remembering the human side of business, and making sure that success is both considered in terms of the project and in terms of building the foundations of a lasting relationship with all stakeholders involved. 

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Matthew Kabik is the former Editor of Computer Aid's Accelerating IT Success. He worked at Computer Aid, Inc. from 2008 to 2014 in the Harrisburg offices, where he was a copywriter, swordsman, social media consultant, and trainer before moving into editorial.

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