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How CIOs Get Their Groove Back

groovy“In 1986, when BusinessWeek introduced “Management’s Newest Star,” inviting us to “Meet the Chief Information Officer,” the idea of adding anyone else to the C-Suite was not only revolutionary, it was frightening.  Business computing was still a burgeoning field.  Typewriters and paper files, the status quo.  A CIO wasn’t just a new officer: a CIO was a new way of doing things.”

Today it feels like the CIO has been around since Rockefeller, making decisions with the other C-Suiters. But the truth is the position of CIO isn’t working for today’s business world, less than 30 years after CIOs were born. Often CIOs make decisions on a day to day, project to project basis. Due to this constraint, communication with the CIO and other departments suffer. Toni Bowers at TechRepublic suggests bringing out a Chief Automation Officer (CAO) who can reconnect the CIO and COO in a way where the CIO can go back to doing what a CIO does best–manage information and technology. In this way, CIOs can tack back control of their destiny by refocusing their skills where they are best applied, while the CAO takes control of streamlining how the various branches of the business interact.

Below is an excerpt from an interview with Tijl Vuyk, the founder and CEO of Redwood Software:

“What roles are you seeing for tech executives going forward and how will they differ from that of the CIO?

The CAO will be responsible for organizing and coordinating all of the enterprise processes under a single value chain and one set of governance rules. Much like an enterprise architect, they will be responsible for the architecture and implementation of an enterprise-wide approach to automation

They will also need to understand (like the CIO, CFO or CEO) business process fundamentals together with the technological requirements that keep the business moving ahead every day. They’ve got to be extremely practical. They will have decision-making abilities for the business and IT. Their job will be to make sure that the company uses automation wisely, correctly and pervasively.”

Read the full article here:

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