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Exploring Certifications: CAPM or PRINCE2?

crownLanding the best project management gigs these days often requires you to have certifications to show that you know your stuff. Elizabeth Harrin writes a blog post about the differences between CAPM and PRINCE2 and how to decide which route will work best for you. CAPM/PMP as offered by the Project Management Institute requires in many cases that you already have experience as a project manager to be eligible, whereas anyone is eligible to take PRINCE2 exams without prior firsthand experience. Since project management jargon is still in an early stage and nobody can seem to agree one set of vocabulary to use, CAPM and PRINCE2 end up offering two largely unrelated approaches to the same topic, and so Harrin believes it is not practical to attempt certification in both. Talking to agencies is a great way to determine which of the two routes is viewed most favorably in the job market where you live. If you do ultimately select PRINCE2, Harrin recommends sticking around to do Practitioner as well if you can afford it. In either case, you have a long life and plenty of time to accumulate multiple certifications, so do not put too much pressure on yourself about it.

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