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Can Project Portfolio Management Guard You from IT Failure?

guardedWhen it rains, it pours, and project portfolio management (PPM) might be just the thing you need to keep from getting washed away by project problems. Michael Krigsman interviews David Hurwitz and Steve Romero of CA’s Clarity PPM solutions group about how PPM might help guard against IT failures. They say that symptoms of lacking IT governance include the development of an “us versus them” mentality, the decision to go after risks piecemeal rather than addressing their underlying causes, and being unable to accurately measure the value coming from IT. How value is measured should be based according to how well IT accomplishes the goals of the business. Inadequate human resources is pegged as a major reason why projects fail, and the article concludes by suggesting the best IT governance practices will see to it that bad projects are canceled before they begin. When you bundle up before you ever even think about heading out the door, you never need to worry about getting drenched.

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