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Business & IT Objectives – Service Management Alignment

In this article Bob Anderson outlines common business and IT objectives within a corporation. “IT must insure that the core of its service delivery strategy are the key components of what is important to the business” Below are a few correlations between business objectives and IT objectives.

How Common Business Objectives correlate to Common IT Objectives

Become more Efficient.

Improve the ability to provide cost-effective services for the customer – Increase the amount of “value-added” work that is completed by IT

Become more Effective.

Prevent Customer Issues from happening – Increase IT’s ability to determine the root-causes of reoccurring Production Incidents

Improve the business’ ability to become a “Learning” Organization

Improve the organization’s ability to share knowledge – Improve mentoring and coaching within IT

Take a look at the original post to see all the business/IT objective correlations.

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