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8 Frequently Forgotten Costs of IT Projects and How to Plan for Them

forgottenBudgeting for technology projects can be as difficult as budgeting for your home expenses (if you tried to do it for an entire year). It’s nearly impossible to remember every single expense that you’ll encounter—and that’s why Bo Crader provides this list of often forgotten IT project costs.

The list includes some items that, frankly, should clearly be included; like project management costs. There are others, however, that seem easy to forget, like travel, training, and requirement changes. These are understood as part of the process, but not often remembered as being an expense. Everything that occurs within a project (or “around” a project) is going to cost money and time, so make sure that your teams are accounting for as much as possible.


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Matthew Kabik is the former Editor of Computer Aid's Accelerating IT Success. He worked at Computer Aid, Inc. from 2008 to 2014 in the Harrisburg offices, where he was a copywriter, swordsman, social media consultant, and trainer before moving into editorial.

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