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The CIO’s Guide to Going on Vacation

vacation“According to a recent survey from Robert Half International, the vast majority (73 percent) of CIOs said they check in with work “often” or “somewhat often” on evenings and weekends, while only 14 percent said they never check in outside normal business hours.”

Working on the weekend from time to time can be beneficial, there are less interruptions and you can get more work done. But constantly working weekends and having a history of working over your “vacation” shows that project deadlines may be unrealistic. Regardless of if it is your intention it also relays to your employees that you expect the same commitment out of them.

On the other hand taking a vacation and guarding the sanctity of down time shows you are a leader that values balance, and you trust your team to complete tasks when you are not there.

If this is the summer when you decide you actually want to take time away from your job, here are some tips for a successful work-free vacation.

  1. Set milestones and regular check-ins, but otherwise let your people be in charge.
  2. Taking a break goes both ways. “…let employees know if it’s okay for them not to respond during their down time.”
  3. Communicate clearly when and for how long you will be available while away and on weekends.
  4. Plan your departure – don’t leave things for you to do.
  5. Force yourself to take a break from work.

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