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John Hinshaw: CIO to EVP of Technology and Operations

HinshawIn this interview of John Hinshaw, EVP of Technology and Operations at HP, he talks about his success and keys to growing companies through Information Technology. John Hinshaw has served in Executive IT roles at Verizon Wireless, Boeing, and now Hewlett-Packard. These companies and Hinshaw’s responsibilities grew while he served in each role.

While at HP he has remodeled the companies cost structure, and moved much of the company infrastructure into the cloud, allowing for greater company collaboration.

“I think the number one thing that a successful leader can do is first, develop true succession plans. If you hope to take on additional responsibilities, what you’ve referred to as “CIO-plus”, then you better have a solid IT team in place to fill in the gaps when you will need to focus on your plus role. If you do not have that kind of leadership team in place, then don’t even take on the additional responsibilities because it will be difficult to succeed.”

Read more suggestions and wisdom from John Hinshaw on Forbes.

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