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IT’s Role in a Marketing World

rolesIt used to be that having a great marketing team meant having people that could put together a terrific radio jingle, but now marketers have to know about search engine optimization, mobile apps, and all sorts of other things that traditionally fall into the territory of IT. Jason Birnbaum writes for CIO Talk Radio about what CIOs and CMOs can do to best supporting marketing with IT, coming up with the following:

  1. Go to the marketing team
  2. Establish a clear process
  3. Be flexible
  4. Keep learning


Just because the marketing team knows you exist does not mean they understand how exactly you can help them accomplish their goals. Go to them and let them know what specifically you can do to improve the situation. Create a process that they can understand for developing metrics and milestones. A difference between IT and marketing is that marketing is allowed to practice trial and error, whereas IT aims to get everything done once and for always. Be mindful of marketing’s process and work with them as changes occur. And once you have been embraced by marketing, continue to learn about marketing, as staying current with the newest trends and innovations is critical to maintaining your value. As an insurance policy, maybe write a jingle about your skill as a CIO and get it stuck in the heads of everyone in marketing.

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